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1 – Mindful Detox

Our true power lies in the space between our breaths, thoughts or actions.

While during this detox program you eat yourself clean and lighter in your body. You will start to feel magically calmer in your mind. You will have also set an intention when you chose to participate the detox. You are giving yourself this extra nutritious care and attention, and therefor I introduce a way to a mindful detox.

Cleansing your body makes space for mental cleansing.

I recommend you listen to the introduction down below.  Do one of the guided audio meditations every day this week. It is so worth it to take these 3 to 5 minutes in the morning. You may start your day in a much more quiet and mindful space. You remember the quote from Neil Armstrong when he set foot on the moon? “It is one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.”  Taking extra time in the morning to still and meditate is a huge step to more mindful living.

To stay when you feel restless.

The power of staying and to quiet down when things are not so comfy, can be the best gift you give yourself and just what you need this detox week. We are so good at distraction but simply need to train ourselves back to being still and accepting.

Becoming aware of the ways you think, is the first step to change.

You may feel your mind resist the stillness when you first start to practice any mindfulness meditation. This is normal. We have trained our minds a life long to be occupied and busy. But when we decide to still our minds the magic can happen. Just accept the initial resistance and stay a little longer… And let go of any expectations. Just be, close your eyes, feel, listen, sit….

Short Meditations:

Meditation 1

Meditation 2
Meditation 3